Hello and welcome to our Digital Commons Academy, a set of open access videos, which you are free to use and and share with colleagues.

At Ripple Foundation we appreciate that digital advancement in health and care is complex so we’ve broken down the issues into a series of short but thorough videos for you to explore.  Our hope is that by watching the films on your own or as part of training within a team we can help to share our learning with you.

Each film is less than 5 minutes and covers a range of topics including clinical leadership, implementing change and the state of the current market place.  We hope that they provide you with information and raise discussions for you to debate as a team, board or organisation. Full list of videos is available here or on vimeo.

We are a non-profit making organisation that was established a few years ago to support the adoption of an open platform for health and care.  We believe that the future of digital health and care is not one single technology firm providing all the solutions but a vendor neutral market place where organisations large or small can compete fairly because they are developing solutions that meet a set of open standards in pursuit of an open platform.

We hope you enjoy the topics covered and please do get in touch with your feedback – we are always learning and developing at Ripple Foundation so we welcome your views.