2020, its been a challenging time…. for everyone.


Now its the end of the Summer 2020, and time for the new term to start.

There is no doubt that challenges are ahead.


As we move forward, the best way to frame this time, is of one of opportunity. So lets not look at what we have lost or not able to do, but what we have and are able to do.

The world needed major changes at the start of 2020, it needs them now as much/more than ever before.


The time has come to Build Back Better…

As part of that push, as one small effort towards that end, see our recent work on Open Source TeleHealth.

We have been contacted from far and wide in 2020 asking for an update on our earlier Open Source TeleHealth work and looking for open solutions that may help make remote/tele care possible.

We have a been a very small team, but we believe in open source for the greater good, so check out the results of our efforts, using the latest leading open source technologies, making an open source telehealth solution openly and freely available to all.



We hope this open source work may be useful to you, wherever you are – as part of a global team working to Build Back Better..!

PS If you would like to join the related (open) discussion, please visit https://gitter.im/Ripple-Foundation/Open-Source-TeleHealth